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My work as an artist:


I develop and explore different techniques and particularly excel when chance and coincidence bring forth surprising results and new combinations in my art. I am both inspired and fascinated by challenging the use of different materials and the reactions between them in the creative process, towards the end result. Consequently, many of my works are charactherised by a strong sense of movement and force.


My approach to the creative process is based on the notion: “Meetings are chemistry”


We are all surrounded by chemical reactions in our daily lives. The experiences from interactions between people depends on chemistry, in the same way as encounters between different materials also depends on chemistry. Human encounters are usually first visual, and then we connect senses, interpretations, and emotions - If we allow them to develop.


I am deeply fascinated by chemistry - not only between people, but also between the various reactions and expressions that is created when different materials react with each other. I want to experience what happens when I combine different techniques and materials in different ways and let the “brain be in my hands”. Working with different tools, being it the obvious brush, a scrape, a sponge or a spatula, my hands are to a large extent controlling what is being transferred onto the paper or the canvas. 


Even the paper itself is very much part of the chemical process, reaction, and expression as well. Different types of paper react differently to different types of material. The paper I use is not only a means to decorate but is a crucial part of the final result based on what it is combined with.


My aspiration is that the different material reactions in the expressions provides different levels of interpretation for the viewer, and even different layers, and that they change and evolve over time - just like the experience of an interaction between human beings will develop and mature over time.


I mainly work in a modest and simple color palette.


The gallerist of Galleri Munchx, Christine Munch, shared her perception of my work with the following words:


“To me, the paintings immediately give the impression of a calligraphic letter, but Eva’s letters are big - like getting close to the big signs on top of urban buildings. Or like standing high up, looking down at an abstract landscape. In her pictures hangs a red dot. Of course, I'm drawn to this one. A dot to trigger curiosity and give the gaze a direction or the opportunity to see the whole drawing from a new perspective?”





I have my art education from both Sweden and Norway. In Sweden, I first went to the Stockholm School of Arts and later at the Uppsala School of Arts. In Uppsala I had the acclaimed Swedish artist Stina Wollter as my teacher.


Later, I spent 5 years at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. I hold a master’s degree in Visual Communication, Graphic Design and Illustration from this institution (


In addition to my art education, I have an education in Marketing, Economics and Operational Management from The Oslo Business Academy. I am currently being used as an external examiner for Campus Christiania in the subject areas of innovation, concept development, marketing and creative thinking. Campus Kristiania is the name of the diversified education centre including Oslo School of Management, Norwegian School of Creative Studies, Oslo School of Marketing and the NKS online learning.


I have worked as a graphic designer for many years, as well as with innovation, idea- and creative concept development. During the years, I have been involved in several start-up companies and different commercial projects and I am currently still involved in 4 entities in different ownership or supervisory roles. However, since the autumn of 2018, I have worked full-time as an artist.



All paintings is painted with mixed medium on different paper.


NB. The colors in the pictures have a different expression ”live” due to the digital photo calibration.

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